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Brand New Stage Moving Head Light Waterproof BEAM 470 (IP65)

IP65 waterproof moving head beam light;
Panasonic 470W bulb, high brightness and strong stability;
DMX / RDM control, high temperature resistance, anti-aging.
  • JT-YT470B
  • Joyfirst

Light source: Panasonic 470W bulb, low power consumption

Color temperature: 7500K

Luminous flux: 18300 lumens (light source), 11000 lumens (whole light)

Light source life: 1500 hours

The life of the light source may vary due to different conditions of use, with the following but not limited to the following factors: environmental conditions, power / voltage, frequency of use (cycle of power on / off), optical systems such as control

1 set of high-definition high-precision optical system.

Large size HD front lens

2 ° optical angle

Linear electronic focusing, ultra-smooth focal focusing

Scanning system

Pan scan: 540 ° / 630 ° / 360 ° optional (8 / 16bit precision scanning)

Tilt scan: 270 ° / 180 ° / 90 °

Motor type: 3 phase

Motor positioning: magnetic encoding disk

Advanced smooth / fast / quiet high-precision scanning system, with automatic error correction reset function, horizontal / vertical sliding step control

Control function

Horizontal / vertical reversible

Color system

1 color wheel, 13 fixed colors + white , half-color effect, color plates can be positioned at will;

Rainbow effect with bidirectional rotation and adjustable speed;

Color wheel slide control function.

Gobo system

Fixed Gobo wheel: 13 fixed gobo + white , with gobo dithering function;

Gobo wheel slide control function.

Prism system

Rotated 16 prism ,can be rotated in positive and negative directions, with prism positioning function;

Rotated (8 + 16) double-stage prism , can be rotated in positive and negative directions, with prism positioning function;

Prism can be combined.

Prism wheel  fine-tuning function.

Strobe effect

Double strobe structure;

20 times / second high-speed strobe effect, adjustable speed;

Random strobe, adjustable speed.

Dimming system

0 ~ 100% smooth linear mechanical dimming;

Various dimming curves are optional, linear / square / inverse square / S curve;

Three dimming speeds are optional, smooth mode / fast mode / default mode.

Control System

11/15/17 international standard DMX channels;

DMX512, master-slave, or self-propelled operation;

DMX memory and editing.

RDM control

Art-NET control (optional);

Built-in imported DMX wireless receiver (optional);

Input signal isolation protection function to ensure stable signal transmission without interference;

RJ45 Ethernet connector input and output (Art-NET, optional);

Waterproof 3-core unbalanced XLR signal connector input and output.

Frost effect system

Double-leaf frost effect system;

Linear fogging effect, uniform light spot, full color;

Built-in program;

Prism / gobo macro function: multiple preset prism / gobo combination effects;

Built-in multiple self-propelled programs.

Software system

Software upgrade: upgrade software conveniently and quickly via DMX data cable;

Multiple lights can be connected in series to update the software display system;

2.4 inch touch type high-definition TFT LCD display;

4 function control buttons;

The display has a battery, you can set the address code and other settings for the menu;

The display can be turned 180 °;

Display screen auto-off function.

cooling system

Efficient and noise-free natural cooling system, cooling aluminum / copper + liquid / fan;

Machine working temperature display and management function;

Machine overheating protection function, reduce the lamp power to ensure that the lamp can be used normally;

Power System

Electronic ballast: OSRAM PT SIRIUS 461W-Unishape;

With PFC switching power supply;

Input voltage: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz;

Waterproof power cord input and output, with switch and safety seat;

Whole lamp power consumption: 560W;

Fuselage structure

High toughness, high temperature, fireproof ABS plastic material;

High toughness and high strength aluminum alloy + iron structure;

The lamp head has an opening design for easy maintenance;

Functional modular design, easy to repair and maintain;

Base double handle design;

Product design with horizontal / vertical lock;

Appearance treatment: black (optional white shell).

Hanging installation

2 pcs 1/4 quick lock hanging systems (can be changed horizontally / vertically);

1 pc safety rope hanging point;

Operating environment

Application location: all (placed on the ground or mounted on a stand);

-25 ℃-45 ℃ ambient operating temperature;

IP65 waterproof coefficient.


CE and test report.


Net weight: 25kg;

Gross weight: 28kg


Product size: 344.5 (D) * 446 (W) * 663.7 (H) mm;

Packing size: 545 (D) * 650 (W) * 900 (H) mm.

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