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Business trip to South America and SOUND CHECK EXPO in Mexico City

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-03-13      Origin: Site

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We will start our business trip to South America in April as planned,from the far away Chile to Argentina,to Peru, to Ecuador, and then finally go to Mexico city to attend the exhibition SOUND CHECK EXPO.

Why we choose South America in the New Year 2018?

Because as all know,South America is so far from our China,they havealways been ignored by most of us. But in fact, this market has the biggest potential. Their economy has become better and better,most important,they love music and entertainment. So of course theyre in need of our stage lights,DJ lights,Entertainment lights and lamps.

This time we will show our own brand AHLIGHTS stage lights and ROCCER lamps to our customers. With the continuous efforts,all our lights are in very stable high condition. In last year,the top five  sellers are Beam 7R 230W, Beam 5R 200W,Super Beam 10R 260W and LED Beam 150W.

Also in 2018,we have already researched two new models,New super beam 12R 280W and LED 60W RGBW 4 in 1 Zoom beam moving head perfectly compatible for ROBE SPIKIE.


We are in much confidence this year we will have great achievement in South America market.

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