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How to Choose Stage Lighting Control? 192, 512, 256A, 1024 OR Tiger, MA?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-13      Origin: Site

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How to Choose Stage Lighting Control? 192, 512, 256A, 1024 OR Tiger, MA?

When choosing a console, we must consider the stage size, lighting effect requirements, light and channel quantity , and thus pick the appropriate model. Usually, 192 or 512 consoles are suitable for par lights or small photography lighting; in small or medium-sized projects, KingKong256A, 1024s and 1024si consoles are commonly used. In large-scale performances and bars, you can choose to use tiger and MA consoles.

The number of channels is an important parameter when we choose a console. Like a 192 console or a 256A console, the number in front represents the number of channels of the console.

First, let's take a look at the 192 console. The 12 buttons on the left represent the 12 lights that the console can control, and each one contains 16 channels. This means that the console can control up to 12 pieces 16 channels lights.

King Kong 256A, 1024s or 1024si consoles are often used in small or medium projects. This one is the King Kong 256A console. This row is the light button, each one contains 16 channels, up to 256 channels in total. Compared with other conventional consoles, this King Kong 256A has another advantage that it has its own graphics, which is convenient for light show programming and saves time.

In large-scale performances, the most commonly used are tiger and MA consoles. Our showroom is now using the Tiger dual-screen console. Compared with the King Kong console, it has more functions and simple operation, and can also be controlled by touch screen. We can directly select the desired light like this, and then add some commonly used colors and graphic materials, so that the control is more intuitive and convenient. These large consoles have multiple outputs, including network output and Canon port output. Each Canon port has 512 channels. Like ours, there are a total of 16 Canon output ports, a total of 16x512 channels. In practical applications, if the transmission distance is long, we have to consider adding some equipment such as signal amplifiers.

In general, the selection of different consoles should take into account the actual application requirements and effects of the performance. There is no good or bad, only suitable or not.

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