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How to make your stage more amazing!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-30      Origin: Site

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How to make your stage more amazing!

To design a perfect stage, lights are indispensable. Lights are "The Window of Stage". So making the best use of stage is very important to stage effects. There are 5 important strategies for the using of stage lights as below.

1. The style of stage space

To make the different styles of stage space, we could adjust the lights’ brightness, the lights’ angle and the comparison of colors.

2. The handle of lights’ color

Only with the best color, can the stage be beautiful.

3. Handling with the own color of materials

All the materials in stage have their own color. When the materials get the lighting from the lights, they will reflect the different color from itself.

4. The expression of the emotion

Different lighting could express different emotion of people on the stage.

5. The handle of lights’ angle and brightness

With the different angle and brightness of the lights, all people and materials on the stage will reflect different effects.

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