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LED 4X30W mini beam moving head light

Author: Ariel     Publish Time: 2017-12-22      Origin: Site

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We have newly researched the model LED 4X30W mini beam moving head. It is perfectly suited for night clubs,bars and parties. In small places,it could be the replacement of LED Bee eye moving head light series. And it is small,very convenient and cheap for shipment.

As it has some distinguish features as below:

(1)4pcs LED lamps can be infinite rotated;

(2)Each Led can be dimmer individually;

(3)Single beam,4 beam or 8 beam effect(It can be rotated by the LED lamps wheel);

(4)Perfect Mixing effect and Rainbow effect;

(5)3 Pin in 3 Pin out;IEC Power in & out

This model is amazing! It is worthy for you to posses one,no matter you’re professional DJ or just general people.


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