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Roccer Stuio fresnel DYSPROSIUM LIGHT HMI200 HMI 200W

  • R-M200W

Lamp holder: GY9.5 please distinguish it from non-professional GY9.5 dysprosium lamp
Color Temperature: 5600K
Power Consumption: 200W 230V/110V
Ballast: 200W 230V 50/60Hz
Standard EB electronic ballast 200W 230V 50/60Hz
Color Frame: 195mm
Four-Leaf Barn Door: 195mm
Standard 195mm four-leaf barn door
Lens Diameter:110mm
low coefficient of thermal expansion, Fresnel lens borosilicate glass
Safety certification: CE
Protection class: IP23
television,advertisement making and studios
Lamp Holder Line: Standard 3m, could order connection extension cord

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