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Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb,4 Pack


Voice Control+Time Control+Group control+Rainbow control

1.Please note:Only support 2.4GHZ,not 5 GHZ

2.The distance between the device and the router should not be too far away,which will afffect the WI-FI signal 3.Make sure the WI-FI password is entered correctly ,just English and Numbers.

4.If the connection fails,please set the router safety factor to the lowest.

5.If the connction fails,trysharing the access point with anotherphone instead of the router's Wifi.This method can

 help us determin if the Wifi signal from the router is compatible with this product.

6.When the device is connected correctly,don't remove it;otherwise,it will be restored tofactory settings and 

cannot be controlled directly.

 7.If the deciver is offlineand can't be controlled,check if the wifi is off,turn offsomeother connected 

devices,theroutr may be overloaded ,update theapplication interface.

 8.If you change the wifi password,please reconnect,when restoring factory settings,you mustturn off the lamp for 

10 seconds and then try again.


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