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Strong Testing System for lamps and lights

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-08-09      Origin: Site

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Every bulb from ROCCER needs to pass testing System. This system include two parts as below:

Part 1. Technical data

Our technicians will pick up 5-10% from very batch to test. Below i show some testing reports for your reference. RSD250 and RSD250/2, as we know, the biggest difference is the color temperature. You could identity clearly depending on the testing reports.

Testing report.jpg

Part 2. Life time

Life time is very important for a lamp. All the lamps should pass at least 24 hours' testing. And among the batch, 2%-5% needs to pass entire life time. Below i will show you our testing room.

Testing room.jpg

ROCCER will make sure of the quality of every bulb . You can trust us ! Thanks !

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