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The Common Errors and Solutions of the First Time to Start the Beam

Author: Sam     Publish Time: 2017-11-28      Origin: Site

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Beam lamp is a more sophisticated device. It combines electronic, mechanical, optical integration. As for be strict with The environment, transportation, use and other factors ,  its failure rate is higher. Here combining with fault phenomena, the possible reason do s analysis, provide the reference for the related personnel.

The lamp circuit: 

The Previous traditional computer lights are using inductance ballasts and trigger light bubble lines, But the beam light  will generally use electronic ballasts ( ignitor), does not need to match the trigger. Because the input of the ballast is DC 380V,  more than a PFC (AC220V turn DC380V)

1. Boot no reaction

Check whether the voltage is 100v-240v
Check the insurance in the lamps 

Check whether the switching power supply output voltage (32v, 12v)
Check the circuit board is working correctly (lamp) :  Red for power indicator light ; Yellow for CPU working indicator light; Green for signal lights.

2. The power can reset but does not light

Check the quality of the bulb, ensure the bulb installed correctly;

Make sure that the output of power supply is 12V , under the situation of short-circuiting the thermo switch of mainboard, make sure that connector of bulb has 12V voltage.

Whether the Thermo Switch is damaged.

Whether the output is 380V when lighting electronic rectifier.

Whether electronic trigger is damage (replace the test lamp of electronic trigger)


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