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The Platinum Beam Lamps

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-12-22      Origin: Site

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The Platinum Beam Lamps
With the business going, nowadays the Standard Beam lamps no longer meet the needs of the high-end customers.
According to the situation of the market, Roccer has promoted the Platinum Series.
Unlike the standard series, all the materials of the Platinum come from the imported company. The glass we use comes from the GE, the lamp wick comes from the Japan Phoenix.
In the Testing our lamps’ effect almost the same as the original lamps, attaching the pictures are the testing effect of our Platinum lamps.
IMG_1882 IMG_0543 实物对比参照With the precise testing facilities and German High-end manufacturing machines, Roccer the Platinum will help you enlarge your busiin International Market.

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