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Which floodlights are used in football fields

Author: Stage Lighting     Publish Time: 2022-09-03      Origin: HQI floodlight

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Which floodlights are used in football fields

Using HQI floodlights is a more cost-effective solution

If use a football field or sports field at night, need a good floodlighting scheme.High-end LED solutions often have high purchase costs and maintenance costs. Compared with HQI floodlight, they have no price cost advantage, and low-end LED solutions obviously cannot be compared with HQI.

When the club designs and operates the stadium, it must consider the initial investment cost and the later maintenance cost.For many clubs HQI is still the most efficient and cost-effective  flood lighting solution.

Why HQI lights are still needed by the industry

HQI lamps are high pressure discharge lamps and have been in use since the 1960s - now.

Compared with other discharge lamps, HQI has higher luminous flux, more economical luminous efficiency and higher color rendering index.

High-end LED lighting increases unnecessary expenses due to the high purchase cost. HQI floodlights have become a perfect alternative to LED lighting solutions for sports equipment. Now the number of bulbs that need to be replaced every year for existing lighting equipment and the use of new venues The number of HQI bulbs makes HQI lighting bulbs still have a considerable market share.

If you need to meet the needs of sports and sports lighting solutions, please contact us, HQI floodlights can still meet your requirements, and can effectively cancel the cost.

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