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studio photographic lamp and fresenel light for TV and film

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-07-17      Origin: Site

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Tungsten lamp

The melting point of tungsten is one of the highest in all metals.

Usually,High-end bulbs use Halogen gas-iodine gas. Halogen gas can catch off the tungsten particles,re-attached to the tungsten,so that life could be extended.

Filament is usually operated at a temperature of 2,627 ° C / 2,900K

Tungesten spotlight


HMI(Hydrargyrummedium-arc Iodide) It is the most similar light to natural daylight

An arc is formed between the two electrodes.

Arc excited mercury gas,emitting dazzling white light

HMI temperature is usually between 5,600K - 6,500 K


HMI light :

The HMI needs a ballast to control the currency to control the arc. Activating arcs requires a higher currency, but the currency which maintains the arc is much smaller.

The HMI is energized by 50 times per second (60 times per second in the United States), and the different speed of shutter and frame rate may cause flicker.

 Advanced "no flicker" electronic ballast with square wave can remove the decay time when lamp off.Under this situation, mostly shooting speed can be used.


 LED:light emitting diode 

The original LED lights’ power is very small, It is directly put on the camera. Now,there are LED lights which are equal to the brightness of 6K HMI light, and the volume is growing.


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