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How to prevent fire for large lighting system?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-06-15      Origin: Site

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Events stage and lighting systems are usually temporary facilities, which need large electricity. Many electrical wires are distributed in the audience and performances area, which intersect with people, scenery, decorations and other combustible increases the risk of electrical fires in large venues. Therefore, large-scale electrical fire safety has become an important part of large fire inspection work.

1. Lighting Features and Fire safety technology

(1) The basic source of fire safety issues

The basic sources are mainly concentrated in the area of stage performances. According to different positions and lighting purposes, they can be divided into surface light, side light, top light, sky light, ground light and flow light, usually equipped with spotlights, floodlights, back lights and led par can stage lighting, etc with 0.5 to 2 kilowatts power. When these light fixtures lit, the lamp temperature is very high. As closing with stage curtain, scenery curtain, sky curtain, side curtain and other decorative objects, it is the focus of fire prevention. In the basic design and installation of lights, pay attention to the following points:

a. Fixtures should be installed on non-combustible base, more than 0.5 meters from fabric materials. Lamps front spacing should be greater than 1.5 m.

To fully estimate the spacing influenced by the curtain open and close, lamps moving, ad airflow and so on such factors, can not meet the safety distance of insulation measures should be taken. When the big screen is very close to the column of LED Par Can light, you should set a fixed metal grille blocking bracket or close the curtain lamps.

2. Someone at the bottom of the lamp or there are flammable objects, it should install galvanized wire fencing or noncombustible materials produced by the baffle to the lamp front and its vents to reduce the lamp burst the glass fragments and hot filament splash causing harm.

3. For surface light bridge for the old wooden structure theaters and other buildings, because face light bridge space is very narrow, and its temperature is relatively higher, the problem is not easy to detect. Such sites around lighting equipment must not have any combustible materials.

4. To avoid banner hanging light fixture in the area, firing ribbons, flying balloons and other air moving objects directly contact with the high temperature lamps, wound occurs and the collision caused a fire.

5. When constructing the stage, temporary lifting lighthouse, it is necessary to get the consent of the construction sector to adjust meter load capacity and load-bearing members approved installation methods. The gravity of Towering lighthouse landing lighthouse should not lean to the installation of lighting operator side and standing side while dumping measures occur.

6. Lighting system under adverse weather conditions and specific preventive measures must be fully estimated in large outdoor activities. In the outdoors, the general should choose waterproof distribution box, connectors, lamps, etc., Adopting other measures shall not affect the rain and the heat of electrical equipment.

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