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Joyfirst 960pcs RGBW LED Studio Panel Par Light

Optical light source using 960 pcs RGBW. Color Mixture by RED, GREEN, BLUE AND WARM WHITE. The radiator system is made of high efficiency , low noise and special designed according to the structure and heat-sink characters of this product, which is lower than 20dB. The light's constructional design is very unique, the front barndoor changeable as well as the frost filter. The software of the light is designed by one of the Top engineer of the industry. This light is of very nice beam effect, high efficiency, no shadow. When multi units diming light or tuning CCT synchronized, their CCT and CRI keep same.
  • JT-PG5050
  • JTL

1、 Voltage: AC100-240V/50-60Hz

2、P ower:200W

3、L amp Source: 960pcs RGBW 5050 LEDs

4、O utput Voltage: 2700-10000K (160-180w),Single Red(40w),single Green(70w),

Single Blue(70w)

5、L EDs life: 50000-100000hrs

6、C olor temperature: 2700-10000K adjustable(within 2700K±50,within 3200K±100,

within 5600K±150)

7、 CRI: CRI≥93, TLCI≥91

8、C olor: RGBW can mixed all kinds of colors

9、 Beam angle: 105°

10、 Control: DMX,2channels/ 7 channels optiona

11、C ontrol Mode: DMX or Local

12、D immer: 16bits smoothing linear dimming, the strobe more than 20K

13、C ooling Fans: Customize the adjustable speed intelligent fan according to the product

characteristics, the fan speed (sound) can be based on the power of the product .Adjustment

and intelligent change, when the dimming value is in the range of 0-99, the fan does not rotate.

14、P ower change,Color temperature tolerance scope <3%

15、T emperature change, color temperature tolerance scope <3%

16、 Working temperature: -25℃---40℃

17、 the product appearance structure: the leaf and the soft plate can be disassembled easily

18、I P rate: IP20

19、P roduct dimension: with leaf 56X14.6X36cm,without leaf 56X11X34.5cm

20、P acking dimension: 62X23X41cm

21、N .W.: 9.2KG (Lighting: 7.5kg, leaf :1.7kg)

22、G .W.: 10.5KG



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