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Establish The New Show Room

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-10      Origin: Site

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Establish The New Show Room

Great News!

We have just finished our new show room of lights and sound.As you can see,we show most of our new products in the room,such as LED Panel Light, Super Beam 10R,LED 19X15W Zoom Wash,LED 60W mini spot moving head,LED Strobe 3000 and so on. Also our new 256A,512 & 1024P consoles are necessary. All of us are really excited about this and go to show room to demonstrate lights every day. It is a good place for us to learn more professional knowledge about the lights and to design the stage effects. The most important,it is the best place to show all our customers our new products and its advantages.


If you have time,welcome to visit our new show room. I promise you will like it very much.

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