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common errors and solutions to the new arriving beams

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-10-13      Origin: Site

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The functions of the Module can not be controlled after resetting (like the color wheel spinning automatically)


Checking the distance between the Hall Components and the Magnet to see if the space is within 2-3mm, of it is too wide, narrow the Hall components and avoid touching the magnet

Disassembling the Hall Components and exchange them, checking if the Hall Components are broken or not, if they do we will offer a new one.

Motor trembling or working inconsistently


Checking the motor if it is short circuit or not, if the motor is burning to stop working, you can checking the broken code(IC 3711)

If the motherboard is broken, we can replace a new one.

Checking the screws of the pattern wheels and the color wheels to see if they are fixed or not.

The Hall component and the magnets have not been located precisely, the error will be fixed after resetting several times.

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