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Best Choice for Large Stage, Joyfirst 450W Prism King

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-25      Origin: Site

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Best Choice for Large Stage, Joyfirst 450W Prism King

JT-R450B Prism King is a newly upgraded moving head beam light, with a new design patent of Joyfirst, integration of the lamp source and logo, stylish and novel appearance, which meets the modern aesthetic needs.


1. Strong beam without virtual light

The light source adopts Roccer 450W platinum bulb, with super large-aperture high-definition front group optical lens, the beam is more full and strong, the beam angle is only 1°, and there is no virtual light. The thick beam has strong penetrating power, and the spot is more clear and uniform.


2. Double prisms and Bidirectional rotation system

450W Prism King is famous as prism effect, double prisms with bidirectional rotation system. It is equipped with  2 row mirrors, 8 prism, 16 prism, 6+12 prism, 8+16+24 prism. It can display 15 kinds of prism effects and with various styles and very powerful functions. The prisms can be rotated in the forward and reverse directions, also with the prism positioning function.

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