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How Do Hotel Halls Create Artistic Stage Lighting Effects?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-12-06      Origin: Site

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How Do Hotel Halls Create Artistic Stage Lighting Effects?

How can we create a better stage lighting effect in a hotel hall? The important point is to have a reasonable design plan and choose the right stage lighting equipment.

The cob light and the top light should be complementary, the color temperature should be uniform, the color rendering index should be high, and the light distribution should be match. Its main function is to make the outline of people and things on the stage clear and visible, and the focus is automatically focused on the stage when taking pictures or photography on. The color temperature is uniform and the light is evenly distributed, integrating people and things on the stage into a whole book. The color rendering index is high, which can better restore the color of people and present a high-definition shooting effect.

wedding light

Wash lights should be pure in color and accurate in wavelength. People and things on the stage can be displayed in various color forms through the use of wash lights as a carrier to achieve the overall visual art effect on the stage. The arrangement of the wash lights should be regular. They should be arranged in an array at equal or similar distances. It is best to have the top and bottom left and right to be distributed, so that the positions of the parties echo each other and impact the visual effect of time in all directions.


The beam and spot lights should be pure and full, and the beam brightness should be high, and the spot should correspond to the pattern of the hotel hall. The main function of the beam spot lights is to hit the strong light in the hall to form a three-dimensional visual effect. The more obvious the emitted light, the better the visual art effect.

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