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Installation of stage lighting

Author: Carol     Publish Time: 2017-12-15      Origin: Site

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First step: Open flight case to check the spare parts

After the equipment is delivered to the site in accordance with the supply schedule stipulated in the contract, the general contractor, the owner (or his representative), the supervisor and the supplier jointly work together to check ,regist and inspect the mechanical equipment one by one according to the equipment packing list and equipment technical documents. For the important components also need to check the quality according to the standards.

Second step: the basic size (size of position)

Determine the installation baseline according to the equipment layout and the axis or elevation of the building concerned. Stage mechanical engineering is a multi-stage or multiple equipment related projects, connected to each other or arrangement of equipment should be set to install a common baseline and elevation of the installation of the line, if necessary, should be buried with a general or permanent reference point to set the basic location of the line and the basic elevation line. Because the equipment on the stage and the equipment under the stage have a corresponding relationship in the process layout, the basic plane of the stage should also be drawn on the plane of the grid top and on the plane of each silo.

Third step: Inspect of lighting

The basic construction unit shall provide the certificate for inspection. If necessary, the strength of the foundation may be retested and the appearance of the foundation shall be inspected to see if the underlying surface has defects such as honeycomb, pockmarked surface and uneven surface. The basic elevation, location, geometry measurement and inspection, you need to check the coordinates of the location, embedded parts, anchor bolts or anchor bolt anchor elevation and center distance, as well as embedded anchor bolt holes (if any) Center location, depth and so on.

Forth step: Place lighting equipments

For heavy, bulky or high installation location equipment, we should focus on solving the lifting problem. For devices that are disassembled or installed in large size, ensure that the key components such as the equipment base, rack, and guide rail are in place and then assemble the other parts. The configuration of the stage including the main lifting platform, auxiliary lifting platform, car, car turntable stage, from determining the basic axis to the device in place, we must pay close attention to the relevance of the device.

Fifth step: the accuracy of detection and adjustment

precision detection and adjustment of equipment is the key process, all the position accuracy of the project and part of the shape accuracy of the project are blonged to this range. 

Sixth Step: Fixed the lighting equipment 

Except of some removable equipment, all machinery and equipment must be securely fastened to the equipment , to prevent major accidents due to unsteady fixation.

Seventh Step: Disassembly, packing and assembly

Disassembly, cleaning and reassembly should be carried out for the parts of the disintegrated mechanical equipment or parts that have been stored for a long time or the parts exceed the period of antirust preservation.

Eighth step: equipment maintenance 

Oiling according to the design requirements of the type and quantity of lubricants. 

Ninth Step: debugging

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