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Metal Halide Lamps

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-09-13      Origin: Site

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There are two kinds of metal halide lamps (metal halide lamps), one is quartz metal halide lamp, the arc tube bulb is made of quartz, the other is ceramic metal halide lamp, and the arc tube bulb is half. Made of transparent alumina ceramics, metal halide lamp is one of the most excellent electric light sources in the world. It has high luminous efficiency (65 ~ 140lm / w), long life (5000 ~ 20000h), good color rendering (Ra65 ~ 95 ) Compact structure and stable performance. It combines the advantages of fluorescent lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, and high-pressure sodium lamps to overcome the defects of these lamps. Metal halide lamps bring together the main advantages of gas discharge sources. Especially the three advantages of high luminous efficiency, long life and good light color.

Therefore, metal halide lamps are developing rapidly and are becoming more and more widely used. The metal halide lamp on the market is the same as other gas discharge lamps. The filler in the lamp contains mercury. Mercury is a toxic substance. When the lamp is injected with mercury, it may cause pollution to the production environment and damage the health of the worker. When the arc tube is exhausted, a trace amount of mercury vapor is discharged. If it is not handled properly, it will be directly discharged into the atmosphere. When the used lamp is damaged, it will cause environmental pollution. A gas discharge lamp that emits light by irradiation of a mixture of a metal vapor (for example, mercury) and a decomposition product of a halide such as a halide of an element such as cesium, sodium, cesium or indium. It has a characteristic spectral line with added metal, so the light color is improved, and the light effect is also improved. The related color temperature of this kind of lamp is about 4000K, the color rendering index is 70, and the luminous efficiency is above 70lm/W.

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