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Studio Fresnel Light M40

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-09-11      Origin: Site

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Fresnal lighitng M40-series is a lensless system that combines the advantages of Fresnel and PAR headlights. The headlight is "open face" and thus very bright: about 30% brighter than the ARRI AS 40 in spot. Thanks to the unique, patented MAX Technology reflector, it can also be focussed from 18 ° to 52 °. The light field is uniform over the entire focus range and produces a hard shadow. The reflector is designed for 4,000 W lamps, but can also be operated with 2,500 W lamps.


The M40, equipped with the CCL module (Compensation of Cable Losses), in combination with the new ARRI EB 2.5 / 4 High Speed AutoScan, also reliably compensates losses over large cable lengths of up to 100 m. Thus, the lamp power remains constant for maximum output and best color reproduction.

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