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Super beam lights

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-10-31      Origin: Site

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Super beam lights

Recently, we publish super beam light 10R /12R/15R !!

Brand new shape, multi-coated big lens, TFT touch screen,Good quality lamp source, Fantastic stage effects ! It almostly meet all your need of stage effect !

For shape:

We adopt new private shape mode, it is only 300*540*235mm. Can save much space in stage.


For lamp source:

We use our Roccer RSD Platnium series beam lamps. They are combined with imported burner and imported cups , so they have more brightness and longer lifetime.

For Gobo and prism:

Compared to normal beam lights, these Super beam lights equips new 9 fixed gobos and 5 color gobos. Besides, our Super beam lights also equips 5 prism (8 facet prism,16 facet prism,12+6 prism,16+8 prism,Trapezium prism /Linear prism ) and 1 frost, can get 12+1 prism effects ! So, we also call them PRISM KING series, similar as our 17R beam light ! 


If you want to know more, pls contact our salesperson!! 

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