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The Principle of Animation Laser And How To Use Laser Lights Correctly

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-28      Origin: Site

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The Principle of Animation Laser And How To Use Laser Lights Correctly

1. The principle of animation laser

Regarding common entertainment laser lights, there are moving head laser lights like six heads and animation laser lights. The principle of the laser light is to use a YAG solid-state laser, use a krypton lamp and a Nd:YAG crystal rod to generate a laser beam, and convert the frequency to form visible light. The high-speed deflection of the galvanometer is controlled by a computer to form beautiful text or graphics.

The laser light has the advantages of bright color, high brightness, good directivity, long range and easy control, and it looks more magical and dreamy.

It is these advantages that make it one of the most popular lamps. Widely used in large-scale evening parties, concerts, exhibitions, weddings, bars, annual meetings and other occasions, it can bring a strong visual shock to the audience.

2. The differences of different wattage animation laser

Animation laser, also known as galvanometer scanning laser, can be divided into low speed around 10Kpps and ILDA standard >30Kpps high-speed animation laser. Low-speed galvanometer-scanning lasers generally cannot deliver complex, high-quality text or animations, nor can they produce "multi-pattern effects". Our 10W laser can deliver high-quality text and animation effects.

The animation laser light is also divided into power size. The higher the power, the more space the laser effect can take care of, and the price is more expensive.

A 10W laser has more patterns for a 1W laser.

There are also higher wattage such as 20W and 30W, which are more suitable for larger parties and outdoor performances. This 1W, 2W low-power laser is more suitable for small parties, bars, etc. People can choose the right laser light according to their venue size and budget.

3. How to use animation laser light correctly

The beam of the laser light is fatal to human eyes, and the higher the power, the more dangerous it is! If it hits the human skin directly, there will be a burning sensation within a few seconds. Clothes may burn through if shot directly on clothing. Therefore, never look directly at a stationary laser beam!

During the laser show, the laser beam is scattered by the high-speed galvanometer scanning. Although the power of the laser is relatively high, the laser power density per unit area after sweeping is very low, which usually does not cause irreversible damage to human eyes. . However, if the laser beam suddenly stops during the normal scanning process due to a fault such as a circuit or a scanning galvanometer, and the laser beam just hits your eye, then it depends on your luck. Mild cases, your vision will be significantly reduced, and severe cases will be blinded immediately!

The laser show is beautiful, but it is very dangerous! In order to solve this problem, developed countries such as Europe and the United States have developed a set of "laser scanning out-of-control protection" technology. After the laser light is equipped with this technology, when the laser beam stops scanning unexpectedly, the laser will be automatically closed immediately. Therefore, in order to protect the eyes of you and your customers, when you purchase a laser demonstration product, you must pay attention to whether the product has the "laser scanning out-of-control protection" function, and verify this function.

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