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Business trip of Asia

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-14      Origin: Site

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Business trip of Asia

Our sales team just back to office from Singapore and Indonesia business trip.

One week trip finished,but we have got good harvest.

Before our main market in Asia is india, but now we move our feet to other Asian countries.

Singapore as the world biggest Port city with rich resource, our new beam led 150w with 2 prism , attract our customers a lot. Also the 12pcs leds with 3W led bar used in small club is very suitable for the market.

Indonesia as the fourth population country in the world,the maket is big and potential.

Our 10R 260W prism king lights are widly used in the rental company for stage lighting show. Its special function 5 prisms with 11 kinds light effects beat other 2 prisms lightings.

We will try our best to keep our more energy on developing this market!

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