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We Will See You at SOUND CHECK EXPO 2019

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-28      Origin: Site

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We Will See You at SOUND CHECK EXPO 2019

The annual exhibition SOUND CHECK EXPO 2019 in Mexico is coming in 1 day, my colleague Ariel and my boss Mr.Qian have already arrived at Mexico City.

We are now doing preparation for the expo, setting up stage truss and installing all the sample stage lightings. You will see our 2019 new lights, for example, 280W prism king moving head light, 380W/450W beam moving head light and 3 in 1 type, 7x40W led wash zoom moving light, 200W cob zoom par light, 8pcs laser light and other professional dj lights.

There will be great stage light show during the exhibition, our booth no. is 178. Waiting for your presence on 28th-30th April.

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